Played on the Terrace at Cinderella's, Mumbles Pier last Friday for shelley and Bunner's wedding party. I reckon its the first time in about 23 years that I'd even been in the place. Brought back a few memories..... some of them good! not much seemed to have changed there, other than the Pastie hatch having grown a little and the cans bar having disappeared. the toilets still smell the same.... not so good, and the records behind the DJ's stand, once the dust had been knocked out of the grooves, sounded pretty much as they were a quater of a century ago! Maybe good maybe not?!
Gig went well, absolutely roasting hot in full sun facing the Islands at Mumbles head. Plenty of Dancers up on the cliff behind too!
Congratulations Shelley and Chris, hope married life stays as good as the Party guys!!


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