Bayview June 10th - #1

Photo from the Bay View on June the 10th 2011. It was a great gig, you can see Steve sitting on his new cajón type drum: there's a few more pictures in the photos section.


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Bay View

Good busy Night again.
The stage in the Bay is a funny place to play, as you are kind of hemmed in by a triangle of pillars, and only get "letterbox" glimpses of what s going on outside that.
I recall being suprised by the amount of people in the place when we stopped at the end of the first set.
A relatively reserved first half, whilst those still eating got a chance to ruminate and digest in relative peace, before kickin it in for the second half, and the dancers getting going.
A special guest appearance by Tommy Two shirts on the Jagermeister. Pity I hadn't seen him coming, he kind of threw a shot straight down my throat, which wouldn't have been so bad,only we were 1/2 way through a song, it hit the wrong pipe and, well lets just say after a load of spluttering....I ended up with a rather sticky guitar!
To those who were there....I hope you had a good night.
Cheers again,

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